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(Originally incorporated as Karunanidhi Investments & Trading Company Limited on July 09, 1979 under the Companies Act, 1956 with Registration No. 21-32113 with Registrar of Companies, West Bengal. The name was changed to Ramsarup Engineering Industries Limited on June 11, 2002 and subsequently changed to Ramsarup Industries Limited on March 30, 2005)

Registered A Corporate Office: Hastings Chambers, 7C, Kiran Shankar Roy Road, 1st Floor, Kolkata-700 001, India.
Tel.: +91 33 2242-1200, Fax: +91 33 2242-1888, Website:, E-mail:
Contact Person: Mr. Naveen Gupta


Present Issue of 1,1857,500 Equity Shares of Rs 10/- each for Cash at a Premium of Rs. 50/- per Equity Share aggregating Rs. 7,114.50 Lacs. The Face Value of the Equity Shares is Rs.10/- per Equity Share and the Issue Price of Rs. 60/- per Equity Share is 6 times of the Face Value.


Public Issue of 50,00,000 Equity Shares of Rs. 10/- each for Cash at a Premium of Rs. 50/- per Equity Share aggregating Rs. 3000 Lacs out of which net offer to public 40,00,000 Equity Shares of Rs. 10/- each for Cash at a Premium of Rs. 50/- per Equity Share aggregating Rs. 2400 Lacs.


The Board of Directors of Ramsarup Industries Limited ("the Company") thanks all the investors and the intermediaries for the success of the Public Issue. The details of subscription are as under:

Category Offer No of Valid
No. of Shares
applied for
under valid
No. of times
No. of shares
No. of
Reserved category:
IMFs/ Scheduled Banks 5,00,000 17 68,68,600 13.7372 5,00,000 17
NRIs/Flls 5,00,000 45 19,59,900 3.9198 5,00,000 44
Public 40,00,000
Retail 41710 2,16,02,800 9.4599 22,83,628 20186
Non Retail 259 1,62,70,200 9.4792 17,16,400 259
Total 40,00,000 41969 3,78,73,000 40,00,028 20445
Grand Total 50,00,000 42031 4,67,01,500 50,00,028 20506

*Total of 223 applications have been rejected on technical and multiplicity grounds.

As per the Basis of Allotment approved by The Stock Exchange, Mumbai, the Committee of Directors have allotted the shares at its meeting held on December 30, 2005. Allotments have been made on a proportionate basis within the specified categories, rounded off to the nearest integer subject to a minimum of 100 shares per allottees. The details of category wise allotment are as under:

1. Applications under Reserved Category
India Mutual Funds/Scheduled Banks- Total of 17 valid applications were received from this category for 68,68,600 shares amounting to Rs. 4121.16 lacs resulting in i 3.7372 times the subscription in this category.

NRI/Flls applying on repatriation basis- Total of 45 valid applications were received from this category for 19,59,900 shares amounting to Rs. 1175.94 lacs resulting in 3.9198 times subscription in this category.

As per the terms mentioned under "Basis of Allotment" all the 62 valid applications were allotted shares on a proportionate basis as per the ratio in that category. Except for 1 applicant in the NRI/FII category all others have been allotted shares.

2. Retail category (Individual Investors applying up to 1600 shares) - The Company received 41710 valid applications for a total 2,16,02,800 shares amounting to Rs. 12961.68 Lacs i,e 57.04% of the total valid subscription received, resulting in 9.4599 times the subscription in this category:

Sr. No. Category Ratio No shares
per allottee
Sr. No. Category Ratio No shares
per allottee
1. 100 2:19 100 9. 900 18:19 100
2. 200 4:19 100 10. 1000 firm 106
3. 300 6:19 100 11. 1100 firm 116
4. 400 8:19 100 12. 1200 firm 127
5. 500 10:19 100 13. 1300 firm 138
6. 600 12:19 100 14. 1400 firm 148
7. 700 14:19 100 15. 1500 firm 159
8. 800 17:20 100 16. 1600 firm 169

3. Non-Retail category (i,e Individuals applying for more than 1600 shares and all corporates) -The Company received 259 valid applications for a total of 1,62,70,200 shares amounting to Rs. 9762.12 Lacs i.e. 42.96% of the total valid subscription received, resulting in 9.4792 times the subscription in this category.

All applications (including applications for less than 1600 shares) from Corporate Bodies have been included in this category. All valid applicants have been allotted on a proportionate basis subject to minimum allotment of 100 shares.

Dates of despatch of Refund Orders, Credit to beneficiary account and listing details.

Activity Date of Completion
Despatch of Refund Orders
Electronic credit to the beneficiary account of allottees
Listing applications to BSE
Listing applications to CSE
In-principle Listing approval from BSE
In-principle Listing approval from CSE

Investors Please Note:
The details of the allotment made have been hosted on the website of the Registrars to the Issue at All future correspondence in this respect should be addressed to the Registrar to the Issue quoting Full Name of the first applicant, Serial No. of the Application Form, No. of Shares applied for and the Name of the Bank Branch where the application was lodged at the following address:

Intime Spectrum Registry Limited
C-13, Pannalal Silk Mills Compound,
LBS Marg, Bhandup (West), Mumbai-400078
Tel: 91 -22 -55555454 Fax: 91 -22-55555353

Place : Kolkata
Date  : January 3, 2006:

For Ramsarup Industries Limited
Naveen Gupta
Whole Time Director, CFO & Compliance Officer