Basis of Allotment

Lux Hosiery Industries Limited

Lux Hosiery Industries Limited

(Incorporated on 21st July 1995 as Lux hosiery Industries Limited under the companies Act, 1956 with Registration No. 21-73053 and has obtained the commencement of Business on 13th August, 1995)

Registered Office: 39, Kali Krishna Tagore Street, Kolkata -, 700 007
Phone Nos. 033-2259 7929 / 2259 7944, Fax: 033-2259 7957
Email: /

Public issue of 20,00,000 equity shares of Rs. 10/- each for cash at a premium of Rs. 40/- each aggregating Rs. 1000 lakhs.

Basis of Allotment

The Board of Directors of Lux Hosiery Industries Limited (LHIL) thank the investing public for their response to the Public Offer ofEquity Shares of theCompany which opened for subscription on September 15, 2003 and closed on September 18, 2003. The company has received 1957 valid applications for a total of 27,71,300 Equity Shares resulting in over-subscription of 1.38 times. The basis of allotment was finalised on 13th October 2003 in consultation with the Calcutta Stock Exchange Association Limited and the Board of Directors have allotted the shares at their meeting held on 13th October 2003 as per the details given below:

1. Retail Category (individual investors applying upto 1000 shares)
The company has received 1725 valid applications for a total of 8,94,700 Equity shares resulting in 0.8947 times subscription. Allotments have been made to all the applicants to the extent of their application.

2. Non-Retail category - Individuals above 1000 shares, Corporates and others.
The company has received 232 valid applications for a total of 18,76,600 equity shares resulting to over-subscription of 1.697820 times. Allotment have been made to applicants in proportion to the inverse of the subscription ratio, rounded off to the nearest marketable lot of 100 shares and the number of shares allotted is 11,05,300. Details of allotment made under this category are:

Category No,. of shares allotted
to each allottee
category No,. of shares allotted
to each allottee
1000 600 3800 2200
1100 600 4200 2500
1200 700 4500 2700
1400 800 5000 2900
1500 900 5300 3100
1600 900 7000 4100
2000 1200 7500 4400
3000 1800 15000 8800
3500 2100 225000 132000

The break-up of applications received in respect of Indian Public and allotments made in terms of various modes of payment is as under:

  Applied Allotted
Mode of
No. of Applications No. of Shares % of No. of Applications recived No. of Applications No. of Shares % on No. of Applications allotted
Cash/Cheque/DD 2062 2950100 98.992 1936 1958900 98.927
Stockinvest 21 14100 1.008 21 14100 1.073
Total 2083 2964200 100.000 1957 2000000 100.000

Refund orders/Cancelled Stockinvests, whereever applicable, are being despatched and the shares are being credited to the accounts of allottees by NSDL and CDSL.

Listing applications will be submitted to the Calcutta Stock Exchange Association Ltd. and The Stock Exchange, Ahmedabad on 15.10.2003.

All future correspondence in respect of the applications lodged by the investors should be addressed to the Registrars to the issue quoting full name of the first applicant, Serial No. of the application form, No. of shares applied for the name of the bank branch where the application was lodged, at the following address:

Karvy Consultants Limited
(Unit: Lux Hosiery Industries Limited)
Karvy House, 46, Avenue 4, Street No. 1, Banjara Hills,
Hyderabad - 500 034,  Tel.: 040-2331 2454
Fax: 040-2332 1968, Email:

Place : Kolkata
Date : October 15, 2003

For Lux Hosiery Industries Limited
sd/- Pradip Kumar Todi
Whole-time Director