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Public Issue of 33,90,000 equity shares of the face value Ra.10/- each for caah at a price of Re. 190/- per equity share (including share premium of Re. 180/- per share) aggregating Rs. 6441 lace, Including employee reservation of 1,50,000 equity shares of the face value Rs.10/- each at a price of Rs. 190/- for cash aggregating Rs. 285 lacs and net Issue to the public of 32,40,000 equity shares of face value Rs.10/- each at a price of Rs. 190/- for cash aggregating Rs. 6156 lacs.
The Issue received 107026 applications for 16,37,68,279 equity shares resulting in 48.31 times subscription.

The Basis of Allotment was approved by Bombay Stock Exchange of India Limited (Designated Stock Exchange) on May 30,2007. The Board of Directors of the Company at its meeting held on May 31,2007 has approved the basis of Allotment of Equity Shares and allotted the Equity Shares to various successful applicants.

The details of valid applications received in the Issue from Retail Category, Corporate* Institutions (Non Retail Category), Employee's and QIBs are as under

Category No. of applications No. of Shares Applied Subscription
Qualified Institutional Bidders 130 8,11,18,840 50.07
Non institutional Investors 206 4,79,05,200 98.57
Retail Investors 101079 3,29,99,610 29.10
Employees 39 1,56,940 1.05
Total 101248 16,21,78,590

A. Allotment to Retail Investors
The total number of shares allotted in this category is 1136205 Equity Shares. 2205 excess shares have been allotted due to rounding off. The category-wise details of the Basis of Allotment are as under:

Category No. of Applns. %to Total Total No. of Shares applied % to Total Proportional allocation Ratio of Allotment Total No. of Shares allocated
35 9472 9.39 331520 1.00 11392 1 29 11445
70 6419 6.36 449330 1.36 15441 4 57 15750
105 5720 5.67 600600 1.82 20639 5 48 20860
140 4840 4.60 649600 1.97 22323 4 29 22400
175 2587 2.56 452725 1.37 15557 4 23 15750
210 2676 2.65 561960 1.70 19311 6 29 19390
245 20042 19.87 4910290 14.88 168737 13 54 168945
280 1404 1.39 393120 1.19 13509 5 18 13650
315 588 0.58 185220 0.56 6385 13 42 6370
350 1115 1.11 390250 1.18 13411 15 43 13615
385 431 0.43 165935 0.50 5702 20 51 5915
420 493 0.49 207060 0.63 7115 12 29 7140
455 443 0.44 201565 0.61 6927 14 31 7000
490 1204 1.19 589960 1.79 20273 17 35 20475
525 43639 43.26 22910475 69.43 787297 33 64 787500
100873 100 32999610 1134000 1136205

B. Allotment to Non Institutional Investors (Applied for more than 560 Equity Shares)
The total number of shares allotted in this category is 486936 Equity Shares. 936 excess shares have been allotted due to rounding off. All the applicants in this category have been given firm allotment on proportionate basis inverse to the over subscription ratio.

C. Allotment to Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIBs)
Allotment to QIBs has been done on a proportionate basis in consultation with BSE. The total number of equity shares allotted in this category are 1620000 Equity Shares. All the applicants in this category have been given Firm Allotment on a Proportionate basis. Out of 1620000 Equity Shares offered to QIBs as per the terms of the issue, 81000 (i.e 5% of 1620000) has been allotted proportionately to mutual funds. Mutual Funds applicants have also been considered eligible for proportionate allotment for the balance Equity Shares in QIBs Category i.e 1539000.

D. Allotment to Employees
The total number of shares allotted In this category is 1,50,000 Equity Shares. All the applicants in this category have been given Firm Allotment on a Proportionate basis.
Bidders should note that on the basis of name of the Bidders, Depository Participant's name, Depository Participant-Identification number and Beneficiary Account Number provided by them in the Bid cum Application Form, the Registrar to the Issue has obtained from the Demographic Details of the Bidders such as address, bank account details along with the MICR code and occupation (herein after referred to as "Demographic Details") from the Depositories. These Demographic Details has been used for all correspondence with the Bidders including mailing of the refund orders/CANS/Allotment Advice/Refund Advice, printing of bank particulars on the refund orders and for refunds through ECS/Direct Credit/RTGS. The Demographic Details given by the Bidders in the Bid cum Application form would not be used for these purposes by the Registrar. Investors should also note that the bank particulars received from the Depositories has been used for the refund through ECS/Direct Credit/RTGS and overprinted on the refund orders. Applicants having a bank account in any of tne 15 centres where clearing houses are managed by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) viz. Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Bhubaneshwar, Chandigarh, Chennai, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kanpur, Kolkata, Mumbai, Nagpur, New Delhi, Patna and Thiriuvananthapuram, will get refunds through mandatory Electronic Clearance System (ECS) only, except where applicant is otherwise disclosed as eligible to get refunds through direct credit or Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS). Applicants having a bank account at any of the 15 centres detailed above, and whose bid amount exceeds Rs. 1 million, were eligible to exercise the option to receive refunds, if any, through RTGS if the IFSC code was mentioned in the Bid cum Application form.
The dispatch of refund Orders has been completed by June 01, 2007 to the address of the investors as registered with the depositories. In case the same is not received within ten days, Investors may contact at the address given below. The refund orders have been printed with the Bank Mandate details as registered, if any, with the depositories. The Equity Shares aliocated to the successful applicants nave been credited to their beneficiary accounts on June 01, 2007 subject to validation of the account details with the depositories concerned. The Company has submitted the listing application on June 01,2007. The Company is taking steps to get the Equity Shares admitted for trading on Bombay Stock Exchange Limited and National Stock Exchange of India Limited and within seven working days from the date of approval of the Basis of Allotment.

This details of the Allotment made would be hosted on the website of Registrars to the Offer, Bigshare Services Private Limited at
All future correspondence in this regard may kindly be addressed to the Registrars to the Offer quoting full name of the First/ Sole applicant, Serial number of the bid-cum-applicatton form, number of shares bid for, name of the Member of the Syndicate and Place where the bid was submitted and payment details at the address given below:

E-2, Ansa Industrial Estate, Sakivihar Road, Saki Naka, Andheri East, Mumbai- 400 072.
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Place: Mumbai
Date : June 4, 2007

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