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  1. Online prices data for Both Exchange with 15 minutes delay >>>
    • Scrolling Ticker Tape
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    • Chart Sensex
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    • Price analysis Top Gainers / Top Losers
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    • Price analysis 52 Week High/Low
    • Advance and Decline
    • New High New Low
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  2. Fundamental Corporate Information
    • Company Background
    • Board of Directors
    • 3 Years Balance Sheet
    • 3 Year Profit & Loss Accounts
    • Quarterly Results
    • Key Financial Ratios
    • Share Price Monthly high/low/close
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  3. Charts: Online Intra-day ( 15 \5 min delayed) & EOD charts of each Company with One year historical charts of the following different types:
    • OHLC
    • Line Charts
    • Volume Charts
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  4. IPO Database: Following Information will be provided in this section (As per
    • Forthcoming IPOs
    • Open IssuesClosed
    • IssuesNew Listing
    • Basis Of Allotment
    • Draft Prospectus
    • New Issue Monitor (top issues)
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  5. Mutual Fund Database: Following information will be provided in Mutual Fund Database
    • Fund Profile / Sheet
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    • Scheme Profile / Sheet
    • Daily NAVAddress and Phone, e-mail, web site URL
    • Historical NAV (one year)
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    • Dividend details
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    • News on Mutual Fund Activities
    • Top 10 Holding
    • FAQs in MF

  6. Corporate Announcements: End of day updation of Company Announcements
    • BSE Daily Announcements
    • NSE Daily Announcements
    • Board Meetings
    • Book Closure
    • BonusRights
    • De-listed shares
    • Market Turnover
    • Change of Name
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  7. Other Market Info
    • FII Investment
    • MF Investment
    • ADR Prices
    • World Indices
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  8. Derivative Reports: NSE Derivative Reports
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    • Top Quantity in F / O
    • Top Value Traded in F / O
    • Derivative Summary
    • FII Statistics
    • Daily Settlement
    • PriceList of underlying Securities
    • Put Call Ratio
    • Most Active Contracts
    • All Index Future
    • Market Report Top Gainers & Top Losers
    • Market Report Top Highest and Lowest in O I

    • Market Report Top Increase in O I in %
    • Most Active Call and Put
    • Market Reports Top Gainers / Top Losers
    • Market Reports Highest or Lowest in O I
    • Market Reports Increase in O I in %
    • Market Reports Decline in O I in %
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  10. Content for the Website Commodity Prices (End of the Day Prices)
    • End of the Day
    • Commodity Prices (NCDEX )
    • Scrolling Ticker Tape (Spot Prices)
    • Scrolling Ticker Tape (Future Prices)
    • Closing Commodity Prices NCDEX
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    • Technical Chart with Data Includes (OHLC, Line & Volume chart only)
    • High Low Weekly, Monthly
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  11. Capital Market - Live News                  >>>>

  12. Hot Pursuit:

    Our bureau tracks stocks and sectors which are rising/falling/volatile and explain/analyse the reasons for the same. These reports are filed during trading (between 10:00 IST and 15:30 IST). On an average about 12 reports per day.

    Foreign Markets
    End of the day commentary (filed early morning at about 8:30 IST) on trading on NYSE and Nasdaq,with special reference to Indian companies listed on these exchanges.
    The second commentary is filed around 15:30 IST and is a roundup of how major Asian Markets have fared.

    Corporate News
    Our Corporate Bureau tracks the happenings in the corporate world. Be they open offers, buybacks, new project or product launches or issuing of new capital or anything else. To put the news in a proper perspective, we explain the events leading to the announcement, or provide backgrounder on the company. On an average about 4-5 reports are filed per day. Frequency may vary.

    Market Beat
    What is BSE up to? Which scrips are attracting volatility margins? What is Sebi doing? Any new policies? Guidelines?A comprehensive coverage of the markets. About 4-5 reports per day. Again frequency may vary.

    Economic roundup, once a week, and other macro economic reports, banking and finance news stories, RBI news, etc. About 2-3 per day on an average.

    Corporate Results
    We cover most of the top companies results announcement snapshot every quarter. Around Four lines for each result which indicate STO, NP etc.

    Stock Alert
    Which are the stocks to watch out for during trading that is about to commence? Our market reporters zero in on about 10 stocks which could attract substantial buying/selling during the day due to various reasons.

  13. Market Commentary
  14. Pre-Session Commentary
    How will the market behave during the day? Our market reporters talk to brokers in the morning to assess the mood of the market and file a report.

    Mid-Session Commentary
    Our market bureau gives a blow by blow commentary of the market movements, about 8 reports during trading (between 10:00 IST and 15:30IST)

    End-Session Commentary
    End of the day commentary that includes an indepth look at the day's trading, the factors that impacted the sentiment/stocks etc, with special focus on volumes, turnover, how Sensex stocks moved as well as tech, FMCG, pharma, cement and 2-3 other sectors in the news. Filed at about 18:00 IST..